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Baita Prunno

The Prunno Cabin is located just a few minutes from the Centre of Asiago, in a beautiful valley surrounded by lush woods. The hut is the perfect destination for families with children, who can run free without danger, and maybe get excited in front of the natural beauty and get to know the locals, visiting animals such as the small herd of roe deer, deer and mouflons which is ten minutes walk from the area.

The Baita Prunno you can discover (or rediscover) the genuine flavours of the traditional dishes prepared according to tradition with the products of the Asiago plateau and Foothills.

For over 100 years the Prunno is a favourite destination of tourists and families looking for peace and quiet, a friendly place like home away from home, too. The time spent immersed in the nature of the place will be made unforgettable by the staff of the Baita Prunno, friendly and available for every need.


TRADITIONNot only sandwiches at the Baita Prunno, but also many traditional dishes prepared with local ingredients and wholesome as the mess of mountain Potatoes and Asiago cheese, soup with Seasonal mountain Herbs, grilled meats (Sausage, ribs, burgers, chicken, sausage, Chops, Cost), the Mushrooms , the traditional cold cuts (Suppressed, bacon, Pancetta and Coppa), Salads with vegetables in seasonthe PEAR Tart and the Cheese and chocolate. For those who want to taste the typical dishes, the Baita Prunno also proposes two menus for the whole table d'hote.SLOW FOODEven the Prunno sandwiches become food to Slow Food, eaten slowly observing nature all around and enjoy the aroma and taste. Sandwiches with chosen ingredients and wholesome as the suppressed vicentina D.O.P. and Asiago cheese brand.FAIR-TRADEThe Baita Prunno believes and supports the Fair-trade Market, buying arabica coffees with very low percentage of caffeine, sugar, tea and tea. To conclude the meal are offered liquors, digestifs and grappas made with local herbs and fruits.TERRITORYPolenta is made with the typical Golden flour Maranela with sweet taste with the sausages of the Venetian tradition and the Alpine cheeses . The cheese dairies comes Pennar and Waister, using the milk of the breeders of the center of theplateau of Asiago 7 Comuni.


NORDIC WALKING The Baita Prunno leave different paths for Nordic Walking, well signposted and marked, according to length: Red colored ones to 10.5 Miles, Blue those from 5.1 Miles and Green from 4.2 Miles (green path from Asiago). Certified instructors of A.S.D. Nordwalk organize courses, customized outputs and assisted paths.
The Nordic Walking is a sport accessible to everyone, without age limits, fun and relaxing, perfect for getting in touch with nature and theenvironment of the Asiago plateau.FLYING PRUNNOThroughout the Prunno clear extends a "flight path" through the trees made of cables and pulleys that can "fly" at 10 metres from the ground safely. Toddlers have a path all their own, tailor-made to give great emotions always safely. The path is open to all, helps develop confidence and a sense of balance and knows how to give so many emotions and healthy fun.MOUNTAIN BIKINGPrunno Hut is the starting point and arrival of many routes for Mountain biking (MTB) and important destination of many offers ofBike resort Asiagoplateau, a reference to those who practice this sport.ORIENTEERINGOrienteering is a Group sport, practiced immersed in nature, challenging but that manages to provide a diversion. The Orienteering Centre Asiago 7 Comuni SOK of Prunno offers competent instructors to learn the fundamentals of this sport, or to refine the knowledge already acquired.

The Hut at Prunno has many facilities including: bar, fitness trail, suitable spaces for disabled people, and dog walking.


THE PATH OF THE GREAT WARIn March 1918 the French and British divisions came to the aid of Italy after the Rout of Caporetto the previous year, were deployed on the front lines from Cesuna to Pennar. The Prunno was the junction point of the allies, who managed to repel theAustro-Hungarian offensive. For most of that year Italians and allies fought against the central powers, and here on the traces of history are still visible today, with trenches, cemeteries, warehouses and even a small hospital.THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL BATTLE SHELTER LOCATIONThe Shelter Battle, discovered in 8 from 195 g. Rigoni Stern and a. Chase near the Prunno, is an important archaeological site; the artefacts that archaeologists have found here (armor and Flint tools), they do go back to the Upper Paleolithic, between 13 and 10 thousand years ago: a time whenprehistoric man occupied the plateau for hunting game. The site can be visited starting from Prunno clear and follow the signs,rcheologi specialized in organizing tours and educational workshops for children summer on the theme of prehistory.
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