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Hoga Zait 2020 - The Cimbro festival of the Plateau in Roana and Hamlets - 10-11-12 and 17-18-19 July 2020

Dal 10/7/2020 al 19/7/2020
Hoga Zait 2020 - Roana

"HOGA ZAIT - THE FESTIVAL CIMBRO®" of the Municipality of Roana returns this summer with the new formula of "TURISMO TO DISTANCE"

Hoga Zait (which in the Cimbra language means "beautiful time" or "high time", so festive time for the cimbri)is the traditional Festival of Cimbra culture that has been proposed for several years by the Municipality of Roana in the various hamlets, together with the Pro loco and some local associations.
This year will be held in two weekends: the 10th, 11th, 12th and 17th, 18th, 19th July (possible recovery due to bad weather the following weekend), with a formula of"natural distance tourism",unusually different from the previous ones, following theCovid 19 emergency.

Hoga Zait this year definitely returns to its origins, rediscovering the ancient cimbre legends that are the common thread of the whole festival, through excursions, workshops and contingent microspethles, dedicated mainly to a family target,involving both tourists and residents.

The event will therefore take place safely,in open places,woods, meadows, large spaces immersed in nature, taking all the necessary measures to cope with the virus. The common areas will be made safe and sanitised by the staff who have individual protections and who will keep their distance from the public.
All activities must be booked in advance for organizational and security reasons. In addition, for moments of aggregation (activity presentations and group subdivision) the use of the mask for adults and children over 6 is mandatory.

The mornings will be dedicated to guided tours of the places of the cimbra tradition,will last about three hours and must be booked in advance at the IAT Roana; they will be conducted in total safety by professional guides of AsiagoGuide who this year will also take care of the control on health protection measures before and during the accompaniment.

The afternoon events will start instead with thewelcome of families or groups cohabiting that will then be divided into small groups, some will start with accompaniments to the showlocations, while others will start with workshops curated by the animators of JeEvent.
The accompaniments to the show areas are designed for a small group (maximum 10 people),which is led by a guide on an ideal walk of about 1 km and a half (40 minutes) to the theater area, where a short show (15 minutes)is performed. During the walk the guide introduces the theme of the legend to which he refers. Each representation is repeated several times in the afternoon and is based on the traditional cimbre legends,different for each country of representation.

Each day is structured in a different fraction:during the first weekend it starts in Treschè Conca in Caredè, then in Mezzaselva at the Erio Baito and the Kemple Square and finally in Camporovere at the Church of the Hall.
The second in Canove will follow the ancient road of the "Tahllians", followed to Cesuna at the Park of Legends and in the "Mita" resort, and then conclude in Roana,in the area of the springs of rendela and the Ancient Lavatoi in the morning with workshops and walk, while in the afternoon there will be an excursion in the Valdassa area, curated by AsiagoGuide and the IAT office.

The "laboratory zones" will be organized by an educator/animator for each group - family. Allactivities will have to be booked before appointments and for each time slot there may be a maximum number of six groups – family. Each group (from a minimum of three people up to a maximum of six) will be assigned a specific zone with the name of a legend treated during the festival.
Depending on the location, you are asked to bring a blanket or alternatively the staff will provide a bench for group,which will always be sanitized before the activity. Finally, each laboratory area is equipped with a small "health corner" with wipes and washing gels. At the end of the experience, theHoga Zait kitused in the workshops can be taken home as a souvenir.


All excursions and activities are free.

Reservations are required for all Activities of Hoga Zait 2020 for organizational and security management purposes (until available seats are exhausted).

Bookings in the morning (edited by Asiago Guide):

  • IAT Roana (Tourist Chalet of Treschè Conca) - Tel. 0424 694361 - chalet@comune.roana.vi.it -
    Via Campiello s.n. - 36010 Treschè Conca (VI)
    Open Tuesday to Sunday 9am-12pm / 3pm-6pm - Closed Mondays
  • Asiago Guide - Call by 6pm the previous day:
    Tel. 347 1836825.For more information click on ASIAGO GUIDE

Afternoon Adventure Bookings (edited by Jeevent):

  • JeEvent - Tel. 349 0076830

The activities of the 2020 edition will be carried out without risk, in a closed number and managed with restricted family groups by time slot. Each household will be given a reservation with the name of a legend. Upon arrival, remember to show the staff the reservation and take a seat in the assigned area:

  • Group A - Legends Characters - Lab Zone
    Stand next to the character you've been assigned in the JeEvent animators' reception area.
  • Group B - Walks and Theatre-Nature
    If your booking is part of this group, remember to take your seat in the Asiago Guide reception area.

During the moments of reception and assembly, the use of the mask will be mandatory for both adults and children over the age of 6.
We remind you to sanitize your hands often (inside the laboratory area you will find a "health corner" made available to you)
The laboratory areas will be carefully sanitized between each other.
In view of the current provisions due to the health restrictions for Covid-19, it is informed that the WC service is not guaranteed.
We also inform you that according to the guidelines, the body temperatures of the parties to the event can be measured.

Other provisions may be applied if health safety regulations change.

In case of bad weather the event will be postponed to 24/25/26 July.

We look forward to this year in Hoga Zait. H'rtan Béar!!!

For information, click the keys below or contact the Roana IAT (tel. 0424/694361 - e-mail chalet@comune.roana.vi.it)


Friday Vraitakh 10 July - TRESCHè CONCA Kunka

Morning Walk - 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Guided excursion to Kunka - Stories of confin

Afternoon Adventure
The Elf of the Magic Source

Saturday Saastakh 11 July - MEZZASELVA Toballe

Morning Walk - 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Guided excursion to Toballe - Stories of contrade

Afternoon Adventure
The Verena Zopper

Sunday Suntakh 12 July - CAMPOROVERE Kamparube

Morning Walk - 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Kamparube Guided Excursion - Stories of Resistance

Afternoon Adventure
The Sanguanello grappling with witches

Friday Vraitakh 17 July - CANOVE Roan

Morning Walk - 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Guided Excursion to Roan - Stories of Cimbre Women

Afternoon Adventure
The Fairy of the Woods

Saturday Saastakh 18 July - CESUNA Kan-Zene

Morning Walk - 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Guided excursion to Kan-Zane - Hisbal stories

Afternoon Adventure
The Billar-Mann of the Zovetto

Sunday Suntakh 19 July - ROANA Robaan

Morning Walk - 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Guided Excursion to Robaan - Hunting Stories

Afternoon Adventure
The Anguane of Valdassa

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